This is what it looks like Group Life Coaching Online!

This is what it looks like Group Life Coaching Online!

welcome to the positive as fuck club…or PAF Club for short!

I am currently offering an exclusive life coaching online opportunity for members of the Speakers Collective which includes:

  • A new way of receiving life coaching, where twice a month we come together for 1 hour online (pyjamas welcome) dates and times will be set in advance.

  • Monthly goal setting - small and simple is where its at, and when we all give so much to others its vital to have something that’s going to fill us up.

  • Small groups where you can ask for help and share support, be accountable to each other with our positive actions.

  • Top tips and techniques and tools for looking after yourself in all areas of your life and an opportunity to practice putting it all into action.

  • Time for you to focus on you, feel heard, and put yourself first.

  • ME, the Badass Life Coach, to ask questions, facilitate learning about how to manage our self-care.

  • Closed Whatsapp group for help and support between meetings.

The process is easy and I offer a ‘pay as you feel’ policy. What you pay is entirely up to you and completely confidential. Starting from just £15 per month, for 2 hours life coaching online. Each month you will receive an email from me with links to the online group and the dates and times. Pop them in your diary and bring yourself (on the sofa in your pyjamas if you like!) and a notebook and pen. To sign up follow the link below, so looking forward to getting started!

The cost is paid monthly by standing order, with a straightforward 1-month notice to cancel your access. No hidden agendas, no messing about, just a bit of badass life coach-ing to ensure you don’t forget about YOU.