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Where do I start? Online Workshop

Where do I start? 🤔🤪This is the question I am asked most. The sheer enormity of where our lives are (wherever that point is) and how far we feel from our selves can seem so daunting, the work ahead seems too much, too hard…so we STOP, we ignore, we go un-conscious to the pain we are in wether physical, emotional, mental. We stay in our ‘comfortable’ place, where there are no choices, we just let life happen to us, and decide this is OK. But there comes a tipping point, an event, a conversation, a snippet of video, something we see online, that HITS US HARD. That message that there is a choice, and then there it is, that little inner voice saying ‘I believe in YOU’ ‘You can do this!’ and YOU then have a choice, start taking action and listening to that voice, or let your ego take over again, muffle the voice over, and you are back at your ‘comfortable’ place…until the next tipping point, and the next, and the next…it will come, because our minds and bodies know what is good for us, they are constantly working hard to re-set us, to return to that place of choice, health, intuitively knowing what we need, how and when to rest, to nourish ourselves.

So WHERE DO YOU START? sign up to this webinar to experience a simple, practical, and revealing tool that will look at all areas of your life and give you the inspiration, motivation and support to move forward. To take action, and to START.

Life coaching works in a very practical way, giving YOU the power to move forward with intention, with that twinkle in your eye that ‘You’ve got this’ 
- assess where you are right NOW in all areas of your life
- identify areas of lack
- identify areas of success - decide what is important to YOU right NOW
- have a clear way forward - identify what you are scared of, where the fear is
- take away an actionable plan
- feel positive, motivated and inspired

All for the grand investment of £7.99! You can access the webinar on your phone, tablet or laptop, you can be in your pj's on the sofa! This online workshop is open to everyone, link below to buy😘 #lifecoach #selfdevelopmenttools #imgonnabeinmypjs