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Managing Strong Emotions - Feeling it ALL

We are all made of the same stuff, we have the same basic equipment…most of the time we don't use it.

We are living our busy lives at around 30% charged, worried, anxious, overwhelmed…which stops our brains working efficiently. We wouldn't take our mobile phone out for the day at 30% battery, so why accept this from yourself? 

We have some control over our thought processes, but our emotions can seem to have a life of their own. We find it relatively easy to stay with positive emotions, but difficult to stay with strong emotions that are distressing. So that we can avoid feeling bad, we tend to suppress or ignore these emotions.

WANT TO LEARN SOME TOOLS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE? Sign up to this webinar to start learning how to manage overwhelm, anxiety, frustration. How would it feel if you had some simple techniques, a tool that enabled you to invigorate that self-compassion and get a handle on your emotions?

Life coaching works in a very practical way, giving YOU the power to move forward with intention, with that twinkle in your eye that ‘You’ve got this’ 

During this webinar we will look at how to accept our emotions and work with self-compassion to manage them.

By the end of this webinar you will -

  • Learn how to identify emotions in yourself and your body
  • Learn how to refresh how we view our emotions 
  • Feel confident to activate our kinder side our self-compassion 
  • Experience techniques to manage your emotions
  • Learn a tool for activating your self-compassion 

Sign up here -

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