As a small business, I struggle with the loneliness of being a one-woman band. I would love the inspiration, motivation and empathy from like-minded women. I would also like some accountability from month to month. As I know I am not alone with these thoughts I have a unique and very exciting invitation for you to join me in the ‘Badass Business Mastermind’.  

I am currently offering an introductory price of £45 per month for 2019 which includes:

  • A new way of working, where once a month we come together for 3 hours (meeting will be on a weekday 10am-1pm) dates for 2019 will be set in advance.

  • Monthly goal setting, with plans made for each quarter of the year.

  • Working group where you can ask for help and share skills – eg practical help with social media/software/Mailchimp etc. 

  • Top tips on productivity tips and techniques and an opportunity to put it all into action.

  • A friendly group of like-minded women to support each other, share ideas, get feedback when you need it.

  • ME, the Badass Life Coach, driving and supporting the group to reach your business goals.

  • Closed Whatsapp group for urgent help and support between meetings.

  • Accountability when you want and need it.




It’s a new way of working in Brighton and a unique opportunity for you to become part of it. I have 7 spaces available, and applications are now open. PLEASE FILL IN THE CONTACT FORM BELOW.

Meetings will be held at Junction Studios in the heart of the North Lanes, Brighton. 

The cost is paid monthly by standing order, with a straightforward 1-month notice to cancel your access. No hidden agendas, no messing about, just a bit of badass mastermind-ing to ‘get sh*t done’.


Come and join us

Apply for the Badass Business Mastermind here! I am super grateful for your support. Please fill in this form to apply and I will get back to you with the next steps.



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