What are you waiting for?

We spend a LOT of our time waiting. Waiting for the kids to go back to school, or start school. Waiting till payday, or till Friday, waiting till after the weekend, waiting till I’ve lost half a stone, waiting till the baby sleeps through the night, waiting till after Christmas…HOLD UP…wait a minute (pun intended!) If all we do is wait, what happens? you got it…nothing, zilch, nada…NOTHING HAPPENS.

So how much of your life do YOU make happen?

Think about this for a minute…YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. So instead of thinking ‘Good things come to those who wait’. How about turning it around to think that ‘Good things happen to those that DON’T wait!’


How would it feel to NOT wait for anything?

We all have the same basic equipment inside our heads. We are the ones that choose what to switch on and what to ignore. Life is hard. As a result of this, there is always be a reason not to do something if you look hard enough. 

The language we use in our heads, our self-talk, is so important. So next time you hear ‘I’ll wait for….’ either STOP and think ‘Do I really need to wait?’ or in those famous words JUST DO IT.

So what are you waiting for?