What is a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

If you feel lost, overwhelmed, if you are facing a change in your life, or you want to explore how good life could be? Speak to me, a life coach.

We live in a fast-paced, digital world, with mounting pressures of family, relationships, work all vying for a slice of our 24hours. We find ourselves constantly striving to do better, be better........at what cost? We can lose ourselves, our identity, feelings of insecurity, judgement, shame, insecurity and unworthiness. Our values become muddied by the constant information and new studies thrown at us by the media, our goals are lost in the humdrum of routine..........There must be an answer? There must be a new way of thinking, of gaining new perspective, of teaching ourselves and the next generation how to achieve balance in life. I believe Life Coaching to be the way forward, empowering people, showing them a new perspective, tools and techniques to live a more balanced life. I am a discerning listener, intuituve, compassionate, empathetic, creative, thought provoking, inspirational, brave.........but most of all AUTHENTIC.

I have depression, I have panic attacks, I have a pretty much constant anxiety... But when my thoughts turn and that ‘big black dog’ starts looming at my side, who am I kidding? He is there constantly, and probably will be for the rest of my life...but, and here is my BIG truth, I have a choice... I can let that dog lead or I can drag him behind me kicking and screaming whilst I live the most authentic, compassionate, badass, BIG life! And boy have I got some living to do!


So what’s this blog about? A lot of people have suggested I journal, blog, write about the stuff I do, whether it will be interesting to anyone I have no idea. But hopefully recording my adventure might just let you know that you are not on your own, depression can be so lonely at times, you can feel like you are the only one that just wants to crawl back into bed and stay there, the thought of even making a cup of tea let alone getting dressed can feel like a monumental task, let alone trying to ‘parent’ at the same time.

So who am I?

I am Mary, I am a mother (to a crazy little six year old called Albie), I am a single parent (long story that I will share over on another blog), I am a dog lover (we own George an 8 year old shih Tzu), I am a qualified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, I am a yogi currently trying to find at least 10 minutes a day for a home yoga practice and I have a non-negotiable daily 15 minutes evening meditation, I am a pretty darn good baker (have a major crush on Paul Hollywood, woe betide anyone that phones me during the bake off), I am a daughter (my parents are hugely supportive of my efforts to rise) I am a sister (my little brother and his family are a constant support to me and my son), and apparently I’m now a Blogger!



2015 was a huge learning year for me, I finally figured out that it all starts with ‘me’

If I want to change something, if I need to change something, or if a change is forced upon me...Only I have the power. I have the power to change my thinking, I have a choice in how I react...this is such a powerful realisation for me, and can only be explained by my reflection and using coaching techniques on myself in the arena of learning and education. It is always so much easier to look at things outside of us to ‘distract us’ from our true path, when I’m having a wobble, nearly always turn to junk food, shopping and occasionally gin!

‘Life Coach’ ...

to someone that hasn’t heard of this vocation before, sounds a bit ‘woo woo’? Maybe something only affordable to the rich and famous? Something for when your finances are in place? Something you could explore once you have your ‘shit sorted’? It’s my life why do I need a coach for it?

Since I qualified over two years ago now I have successfully coached many clients, and most of them probably thought the same as you, here are some exerts from where they are now...

‘My Life Coaching sessions with Mary were incredibly valuable to me’

‘Thoughtful, sensitive questioning, Mary is a warm and empathetic person, productive sessions with concrete outcomes’

‘I would recommend Mary as a Life Coach without hesitation’

‘Life Coaching has enabled me to be far more focused’

‘For once in my life I can look towards the future with optimism and excitement’

‘I now feel confident and supported even when I am alone facing my anxiety’

‘Someone listened to ME!’

‘Time and space to think’

‘I was feeling ‘lost’ during a transitional time in my life, having recently separated from my husband. Life Coaching helped me to identify aspects of my life with growth potential. A real journey of ‘self exploration’, having acknowledged these areas, I now feel motivated to make some changes!’

‘In just 3 life coaching sessions I feel more positive about myself’

'WOW! I know now without hesitation, we ALL need Life Coaching!'

So I am not going to be selling you a 'lifestyle', I am not going to be selling you a 'magic wand', I am going to be sharing what I have learnt, tips, ideas, the odd 'rant', real pictures and posts of me and my messy life. Because, lets face it, you and I have had enough of 'shiny things', 'shiny people', 'shiny businesses', its time to get authentic, share the messy stuff, share the tears, share the tantrums, and in by doing so we learn that we are not alone in how we feel and act.

So what are you waiting for? I am on a mission to make life coaching simple, affordable and above all do-able! I am ready to work with you, to support you on your adventure. If you feel a bit shy, you can always send me a lovely, rambly email or contact me through the website.

That familiar feeling...

That familiar feeling...