How to stop 'Perfect'

Are you beating yourself up with to-do lists? Have you been feeling the pressure for a ‘Perfect Life/Home/Christmas’? Are you stressed about fitting in all the get togethers, keeping family and friends happy? STOP…there is another way…and its BADASS

Notebooks and pens at the ready…if you haven't tried ‘journalling’ or think it's a bit ‘woo woo’ give it a try - writing some questions in a notebook with space for you to answer, finding a few minutes of calm (YES YOU CAN) and spending some time asking yourself the questions, and listening to the answers. SIMPLE.


Let's start with remembering how you felt last year? Stressed? Anxious? Didn't get everything done? Couldn't get everything done? Arguments with family and friends? Diary crazy? Another year gone and what have you achieved?

So how is this year going to be different? What would you like it to be like? What could you put in place now in order for that to happen?

Who could you ask for help? What would make everything easier? What could you do right now to help you feel AMAZING this year? How are you going to do it? When are you going to do it?

Answering these questions will formulate a PLAN…but the most important question to ask ourselves at this time of year is

‘What is the kindest thing I could do right now for ME?’

and then listen to the answer…

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