Hope vs Statistics My IVF Journey

Hope and statistics, the balance of these two things was a daily struggle for 9 years whilst I tried and failed to get pregnant and stay pregnant. The constant imaginings of twinges, cramps, constant knicker checking, the knowledge of my ‘cycle’ became an understandable obsession. As did trying to ‘fix’ myself, acupuncture, lose weight, herbal teas, herbal medicines, massage, different positions, legs up in the air with a pillow under my bum in the vain hope that a bit of help with direction might encourage the sperm to meet egg. Our sex life revolved around dates, temperatures, clinic appointments, various procedures and poking around, and the odd tantrum (from me obv) 

Goals are for life not just for January...

Most of the time peoples goals or intentions whatever you want to call them, are nothing more than a statement, a wish, a thought. Stating ‘I want to be happier’ ‘I want to lose 10lbs’ ‘I want to make time for more self care’ ‘I want to switch off more’ ‘I want to drink less alcohol’ are just thoughts out loud, they require no action.

So its little wonder that by around this time in January 95% of us have failed, fallen off whatever ‘wagon’ we got on, or just not even started.

What matters most is what you do next. 

What are you waiting for?

How would it feel to NOT wait for anything?

We all have the same basic equipment inside our heads. We are the ones that choose what to switch on and what to ignore. Life is hard. As a result of this, there is always be a reason not to do something if you look hard enough. 

How to stop 'Perfect'

Are you beating yourself up with to-do lists? Are you feeling the pressure for a ‘Perfect Life/Home/Christmas’? Are you stressed about fitting in all the get togethers, keeping family and friends happy? STOP…there is another way…and its BADASS

Notebooks and pens at the ready…if you haven't tried ‘journalling’ or think it's a bit ‘woo woo’ give it a try - writing some questions in a notebook with space for you to answer, finding a few minutes of calm (YES YOU CAN) and spending some time asking yourself the questions, and listening to the answers. SIMPLE.

That familiar feeling...

Hot, sweaty and in a state…

Hands up who's been there? That feeling of panic, rising from your belly, you forget to breathe, your hands are sweaty, your mind feels void, you can't get your thoughts straight, your heart is racing…I hear you!

You may have noticed that I haven't used the word ‘anxiety’, for me it's another label, and I am for ditching the labels and taking action. Not suffering in silence. Talking about it, showing and sharing tools and techniques to help. Shit stuff gets smaller when it's shared. Life is hard, but it's easier when you know you are not alone.

What is a Life Coach?

We live in a fast-paced, digital world, with mounting pressures of family, relationships, work all vying for a slice of our 24hours. We find ourselves constantly striving to do better, be better........at what cost? We can lose ourselves, our identity, feelings of insecurity, judgement, shame, insecurity and unworthiness. Our values become muddied by the constant information and new studies thrown at us by the media, our goals are lost in the humdrum of routine..........There must be an answer?